Our Expo was a Success!

We had the most amazing time at our Global Cardboard Challenge Expo with over 40 family members coming to visit us!

See some of our creations below. Thanks to everyone who came along!


Global Cardboard Challenge

This term, students in 3/4C have been working hard to complete a piece of work for the Global Cardboard Challenge.

Inspired by the short film, ‘Caine’s Arcade’, the Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event presented by the Imagination Foundation that celebrates child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it.

We have invited our family and friends to come and view our creations at our ‘Cardboard Challenge Expo’. They can come and have some fun trying out our arcade games and viewing our models we have worked on during the first few weeks of term.

We hope that lots of our family and friends can come. We sent out our invitations today.

If you are interested in ‘Caine’s Arcade’, please watch the video below.


Inquiry Workshops

This term in Week 3, 4 and 6 all Year 3/4 students at our school will have access to a range of workshops based on our Inquiry Unit ‘Australia-Changes over Time’.

Students will have access to 3 workshops and will choose between the following topics:

Dreaming Stories

Aboriginal Technology

Arrival of the Aboriginal inhabitants

Aboriginal Symbols

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Life Today


What workshops would you choose and why?



Week 1, Term 4

Hello from 3/4C!

Welcome back to all our visitors that have been on school holidays just like us! We all had a restful break and have returned to school ready to do our best learning.

This week we got to participate in an ‘Australia- Changes Over Time’ rotation day to tune us in to our new inquiry unit. We visited each of the seven Year 3/4 teachers and completed a different task in each room, based on the following areas of Aboriginal culture:

  • Land rights/Geography
  • Dreamtime Stories
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Paintings
  • Symbols/Drawings
  • Fact vs Fiction

We enjoyed this experience and are now very interested to learn more about Aboriginal Culture and changes to Australia over time.


Arrrggghhh Me’ Hearties!

Today Kathryn had a surprise for us. She showed up to school and she had apparently gone crazy! She was dressed as a pirate!

We soon discovered that we had a fun day ahead of us. Today was International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

We started the day with a funny joke:

‘Why are pirates called pirates? Because they Aaaarrrrgggghhh!’

Then we got to work with Captain Fraser’s Crew to create our very own pirate outfits. We made an eye patch, pirate hat and pirate flag. We looked ‘arrggghhhhmazing‘!

Our Pirate Crew

We had a wonderful last day of term!

What is your favourite pirate saying?


Dance Sport Champs!

On Saturday night, Nine of our classmates headed down to Geelong to compete as members of our Dance Sport team.

The team were declared the ‘Evening Three-Step Champions’ and the event was deemed a huge success. Don’t our students look fabulous in their classy outfits?

Dance Sport Champs!

Congratulations to our dancing superstars!

Have you ever participated in a dancing competition? What was your favourite part of the experience?


We have reached Week 8!

The last few weeks have been very busy! Time feels like it has whizzed by given we have had so many events on at school!

We have had our school Book Week Dress Up day in Week 6. We dressed up as many different book characters and got to participate in a parade to show off our great outfits!

The Family Maths night was also a great success in Week 7. We had 5 students from our class attend and they had a blast! Some of the fun activities included a scavenger hunt and themed Mathematics rooms filled with a variety of levelled tasks.

Today we got to attend our annual school Father’s Day Stall. We bought lots of amazing goodies for our fabulous Dads in preparation for Fathers Day on the weekend.

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day with your Dad, Step Dad or Grandfather?


Family Maths Night Challenge!

This year, as in previous years, our school will be hosting a Family Maths Night. All students and their families are encouraged to attend. Details are located in this weeks newsletter.

There will be the usual Passport Challenge, where by students move from room to room with their families and complete activities in each room to collect stamps on their passports. Once students have completed their passport, they can enter a prize draw!

This year, part of the passport challenge will be a mystery trail to track down the identity of our mystery guest! Following the trail will involve answering maths riddles in order to spell out the location of our visitor, some of which are a bit tricky. To give you a head-start, here are some of the riddles for you to have a go at. Check out next week’s School Newsletter for some more!

Q. What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000 (inclusive)?
To solve this riddle you don’t want to manually do all of the math but rather try to figure out a pattern.
Q. Little Johnny is walking home. He has $300 he has to bring home to his mum. While he is walking a man stops him and gives him a chance to double his money. The man says “I’ll give you $600 if you can roll:
  • 1 die and get a 4 or above
  • 2 dice and get a 5 or 6 on at least one of them, or
  • 3 dice and get a 6 on at least one die.
If you don’t I get your $300.”
How many die should Johnny roll to have the best chance of getting home with any money?
Q. A fast food restaurant sells chicken in orders of 6, 9 and 20.
What is the largest number of pieces of chicken you cannot order from this restaurant?

Good luck and don’t forget to join us at the big event on August 27!



This week, we got to visit Harold the Giraffe in his Life Education Van. We learned all about how to make sure we are safe when using the internet and participated in activities about what information is safe to provide to people online.

What tips do you have for others to make sure everyone stays safe online? Leave a comment below.


Lady Northcote Recreation Camp

Firstly, we must start this post with an apology.

We have been so busy over the past 3 weeks that we haven’t had a spare moment to fill in our loyal readers on what we have been getting up to!  So for that, we are terribly sorry!

Our main focus for the past few weeks has been the lead up and participation at our Year 3/4 camp, YMCA Lady Northcote Recreation Camp. Boy, did we have a blast!

Some of the fun activities included the giant swing, flying fox, orienteering, an initiatives course, archery and hut building. We also got to participate in Red Faces which was very entertaining.

We ate delicious food whilst on camp, including chicken schnitzel, pancakes, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and a sausage sizzle on the final day. We got to have seconds sometimes so we never went hungry!

We had a wonderful time but we are still recovering! Sleep ins are needed this weekend we think!

Photos still to come…

What was your favourite part of our Year 3/4 camp this year?